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How to make your company GDPR-compliant

Since 25 May 2018, the GDPR law has applied and imposes specific rules for the processing and circulation of personal data. Compliance with the GDPR is mandatory for all Member States of the European Union and aims to restore their rights to individuals regarding the use of their personal data. Behind this new law lie the challenges that all companies, regardless of their size, must face. With our methodology, you can turn these challenges into an opportunity to improve information management in your company.

The challenges associated with GDPR compliance



ANALYSING the risks to personal data

RECORDING  the personal data used in your company in a data processing register.

STRUCTURING an action plan with priorities and deadlines

ACTING like in a global business project

COMPUTERLAND offers you "GDPR Step by Step": making your company GDPR-compliant in 5 steps:


Mapping your data processing practices

An in-depth review of the type of data, their use and potential risks within your company.


Analysis of actions to be taken by decreasing risks

Consolidation of the information for the creation of the GDPR file, analysis of the level of maturity and personalised recommendations


The pragmatic documentation of the elements

Global report, personal data register, compliance plan


Compliance with GDPR

Compliance and maintenance of GDPR compliance (continuous improvement cycle once a year)


Training of your employees


What's in IT for me?

  • Support with your GDPR COMPLIANCE
  • Guarantee of SECURITY and CONFIDENCE for your customers and suppliers
  • Establishment of a REFERENCE FRAMEWORK
  • Minimisation and RELIABILITY of data
  • EFFICIENCY gains


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